This website is supported by donations. Our account is held by SIMPLII-FINANCIAL under the name of Lorne Monahan. To contribute, you can simply e-deposit by forwarding funds to; or cheque to 217 Mulberry Lane, RR2, Eganville, ON. K0J 1T0.


This website was established following our biennial 2000 Mick Reunion. Since then, just under $9000 has been raised due to the generosity of the 75 family members listed below, along with those who are anonymous and contributions from the Reunion Committee itself.

M McFarlaine

N Forward

L&J Monahan

P Mick

J&J Gilbert

B Corgie

D&G Mick

S Roberts

L Hitsman

B Scarf

B Payne

A Thompson

L Nuttall

W&S Mick

G&J Renton

W&R  Mick

I Monahan

I&B McIntyre

F&G Mick-Johnston

K Latimer

J Cowan

W&J Jelly

G Hiebert

D Kuehi

J Gilbert

P&P Barker

R&E Leech

P Anderson

D Monahan

G&M Jelly

J Slattery

B Mick

J Woodley

H Mick

N Naismith

M&P Travalini

M Steele

L&H Mick

B&L Mick

P Whitmore

H Wyse

A Haley

S Crogie

F Hill

J Leech

H&P Mick

S Paul

R&L Dickie

A&D Mick

K Latimer

M&O Mick

B Smith

R&L Dickie

G Blackhall

C James

S Rahn

F&S Mick

T Tracey

M Childerhose

RH Mick

R&J Anderson

K&P Bettes

E Hunter

D&C Mick

D Mick

B H Trycinski

H&S Sutherland

K Trycinski

S Peelow

L Wilson

B Ewashko

J Mick

B&B Adair

M Stephens

A Jamieson

P&E Regamey

C Mick

C Willoughly

B Parkin

V Sutherland